Understanding my Thoughts

Do you realize how many times we are told no and no, we cannot do it or achieve it. It is well out of our league and we’d better concentrate our efforts on something else. In other words, give up and go away. This brings up a big questions. Who do we get our advises from, losers? If they have never gone for something that appear to be out of their reach how can they tell you to make a plan and go for it? They cannot and that is why we keep hearing no.

The said thing is that even our teachers are naysayers. How disappointing it is to hear from your teacher that you should aim low. If you ask them they would tell you that it is for your own good. How is a life you never achieved something worth proudly mentioning is good? How is settling for average and easily reachable is fulfilling?

Do you want to be different, do good, even great things? If you have these questions in your head you should notice the storm brewing up there. Take time to nurture it and give it a direction. Find what would make you happy and fully satisfied. This never means that you don’t consider your abilities and just dream. You need to think about your character, strength and weakness and work on them.

Right from the start, if you are not going to work bloody hard for what you want you might as well give up now. If you want something better and something you never achieved before you have got to work much harder than you have every worked. As they say,  work hard or go home. How do you think all the successful people get there? They are meticulous planners and hard workers with a purpose.

Working hard without a methodology, detailed planning and self belief may result in big disappointment. You need to channel your focus carefully and concentrate your efforts to your goals. Ask many questions to people who are successful in your life. Try to pick what makes them different and learn how they got there. You need to know how to separate the gem in their words from the usual crap they give to everyone.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed. And maybe you don’t have what it takes or you aimed too high, too early. Maybe you made a mistake at some point and took you to a wrong direction. Maybe you were just unlucky. This is the cost of aiming higher as you will come face to face with tougher competition. If you want something so bad there will be others as well.

On the face of failure you may have to re-evaluate your thoughts and goals and decide to take a different direction or try again. Remember that people have warned you already that it will not be easy. And you have to understand that failing is not as bad and never having the aspiration to go for it in the first place. Also, many people you see successful today probably failed at least once or twice. They picked themselves up, dusted off and go on.

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