Auto Rental Corporations & Cost of Insurance

Have you every bought auto insurance from a rental company? For six days coverage you may end up paying as much as your six monthly policy. There is no logic to it at all and you cannot understand how these companies are using their purchase power. There is no doubt that they are getting big commission cuts from those policies they sell. Needless to say that you should make your prior insurance arrangements before dropping to the rental company.

Most people with USA vehicle insurance policies may be able to use them for rental cars as well. Standard policies are providing coverage for rental cars as well. Alternatively your credit card may be able to provide you coverage for the rental vehicle insurance. This are both great options and you may pay the rental with your credit card anyway just in case. If you have an accident you may be able to avoid making a claim on your policy by claiming on the coverage arranged by your Visa card.

If you are planning on renting a commercial vehicle like a removal van you may not be able to rely on either your own private policy or credit card for provision of coverage. You will need to check your options there. Perhaps you should get quotes for insurance as well when you are asking prices around. I wonder if you could find coverage outside for a couple of days of U-Haul rental?

rental car insuranceIf you don’t own a car you may still buy a policy that will cover the liabilities section in the case of a hire car. There are policies called non-owner auto insurance that provide liabilities coverage when you are driving someone else’s car. They are usually cheap at about $200 a year that you would be well advised to have if you are regularly hiring automobiles or driving someone else’s car.

They will only provide liabilities cover. So, you may still need to buy coverage for the physical damages to the cars. Depending on how long you are planning to hire you may want to check alternative coverage options and buying the cover from a third party provider.

When you are using non-owner policies in other incidences you are involved with other peoples cars you cannot expect your policy to pay for the damages. First of all they don’t cover physical damages and they only cover liabilities if the car you were driving didn’t have a policy coverage. The policy arranged by the owner will always be the main policy providing cover.

Your policy will only kick in when the owner’s policy runs out of coverage limits.

However, there is a chance that you may be sued separately for gross negligence and you will need your own liabilities cover in those cases. It is something worth considering if you are a regular driver who owns no cars. If you cannot not find any alternative arrangements you will have to put up with high prices charged by insurers working with the hire companies.

History of Spartan Life Insurance Coverage

Sparta was a society in ancient Greece known for their military discipline and living styles. The whole system was based on military discipline and following rules. Your faith would have been decided from birth and you would follow that path. Many studies shows their live styles and one or two focuses on what they offered to modern society.

The word Spartan is used today to mean discipline and frugality. Spartans are not supposed to worry about wealth and worldly possessions. They were expected to live a very simple life with only few items of possession. State would benefit from the spoils of their wars not soldiers.

Spartan Life InsuranceThey were strong at the time until Romans have conquered them. So, they didn’t need to build walls around their towns and cities to protect. They needed only few assurances in life as their society was not built on commerce or trade but mainly on military powers. Making a fame and fortune was not encouraged and was not possible in many cases. They were mainly class based and you would have your fortune at birth. If you didn’t it was though luck as you could not earn it later in life.

At the end their rigid social structure may be the reason why they could not survive next to Roman empire where fame and fortune was the reason you were fighting for and you could have it all if you had it in you.

However, there was one assurance in Sparta that the families of soldiers died in the battle was insured by the society. They were supported and taken care of by others. This could probably be seen as early form of life insurance. Because of this system of understanding and funds made available the soldiers didn’t have to worry about well being of their loved ones if they were to die in a battle.

They had similar systems to look after children as well. They were considered responsibility of the state and everyone else. In the early ages they were trained into their new lives. Strong boys joined infantries that Sparta was famous for. And young girls were brought up to be child bearers and home makers.

As the state started to crumble and new initiatives to strengthen it on the face of changes around them failed, the funds dried up for families and discontent resulted in Sparta giving way to Roman Empire. It was a system based on common understanding rather than a commercial operations.