What Changes on Cars Can Raise your Insurance Rates?

Most of us would be happy to just buy a few extra customization from the manufacturer when we are buying automobiles and live with it. However, you may want a lot more to your auto and that may require a little planning ahead. Some of the changes you make can be making considerable alterations to the vehicle. The car may even be required to pay test for road-worthiness.

Another issue you will need to take into account is how your auto insurer will view these modifications. There is a high chance they will increase your premium. In some cases the increase could be too much for you that you may need to consider switching insurers. It is best to check these things beforehand so that you know exactly where you are. Here are some of the changes that will increase your auto insurance rates.

auto alterations & insuranceBigger Engine

Wanting to put a bigger engine in your vehicle is a sign that you love power under the bonnet. This immediately raises alarms and your rates are going to get hit by it. Actually, if you bought another model with the engine size similar to the one you want to install now you would have paid higher premium anyway. If you think like this you can understand the premium changes and accept them. The larger engine generally results in higher costs of insuring the vehicle. There is really no surprise there. But it could be a totally different story in you want to install something much more powerful that you see on the streets.

Custom Paint and Detailing

Getting your auto painted to the design you have and detailing are expensive jobs. Before your carrier says anything you want to get insured properly. It is an investment you are making and you want your money back if something happens to your car. If you don’t tell about it to your carrier they will assume that your auto has the standard paint and other fixings as it came out of the factory. So they will only pay you enough money to buy a similar standard design automobile. They will not consider the cost of getting it re-painted again as your insured car was.

Custom Edges and Wheels

Again, you want your insurer know about any investments made on the car so that they can pay you more money if it is totaled. You don’t need to know a lot about insurance to understand that will mean higher premiums. So, it may not be a big problem in terms of insuring it as long as you accept the increased costs.

Also, new wheels and adjustments may make your vehicle a higher-performance and this could further increase cost of premiums. When you can drive and speed up faster your car will become higher risk in comparison to a standard one. This will have to be reflected on insurance prices.

Furthermore, these changes are indications that you are looking for a faster automobile and that may mean only one thing; you want to drive faster. Changes in driver attitudes can be taken into account when calculating the quotes.