Reputation for Body Shops & Mechanics

Even you have the best auto insurance coverage it is not a pleasant experience to have your auto fixed after an accident. When your insurer is on your side and offers every help and support in the process you may be more at ease. However, some companies may be the cause of the problems in terms of shady repairs. If the carrier puts pressure on the body shop to carry out the repairs as cheaply as possible they will have to cut corners.

These problems may become serious when your policy allows the companies to use aftermarket parts to repair your car. This means that your car will not be fitted by parts that are produced by the original auto manufacturer but similar parts may be sourced from other providers. When you open this can of worms you wouldn’t know where they will stop in sourcing these parts. Would they really care that the parts are as good as original or would they even care that they are exact match.

When you don’t have the full confidence that your insurer will make sure quality work carried out on your vehicle you may want to look at your options. You may want to choose your own body repair shop so that you can dictate how your automobile is fixed. Under normal conditions you may be alright with this option.

MechanicHowever, at times claims adjusters can get strict with you. You will be required to submit them work estimates from the garages you intend to use. If their estimates are much higher than the estimates offered by firms working with the insurer you start running into problems. Some insurers may offer to pay you a sum they think it is the fair cost of fixing your auto. Then, you are free to where you want to take the vehicle for repairs. The only catch is that you may have to pay the difference between the estimates offered by your choice of garage and what is paid as a claim settlement.

In any case, you can start with going down the list of mechanics suggested to you by the claims adjuster. You may find that one or two of those companies are reputable enough for you and give a go ahead. This would be the simplest solution for you. The work would be done by the garage and checked by claims adjuster and the company would pay the bill at  the end.

If you already know a reliable mechanic or have been suggested by friends and family you may decide to go with them. Otherwise, you can carry on your searches and find a company you want to work with. These can range from small one shop firms to a national network of body shops. Whichever direction you want to go you can check their credibility. You may even be able to see the work they have done and talk to their recent customers. Most companies that are confident with their standards would be happy to provide those details for you to check.