What Happens If your Claim Gets Denied?

We naturally want to believe that our insurers will not mess us around when we have a claim and pay quickly. This is usually the case and companies pay claims in due course and keep their policyholders happy. Sometimes, companies may even pay claims that they could dispute. They choose to pay the money to keep customer happy and avoid having bad publicity. This is more likely to be the case when claims are smaller.

There are cases that companies may refuse claims. These incidents are not uncommon in the industry. Policyholders cannot be right all the time and sometimes they may be expecting too much from their policies. Companies may have a good reason for declining a claim but policyholder may not agree with their decisions. Some of the obvious reasons are;

– you don’t have coverage for the claim you are making,

– you didn’t pay your premium in time and therefore the policy lapsed at the time of the incident that lead to claims.

– you didn’t fulfill your duties of care and neglected your property to a point that lead to claims.

– you were using your vehicle beyond the scope of your policy. This could be unauthorized business use or

– you sustained the damages while you were conducting an illegal act

– the driver that caused the accident was not insured to drive your vehicle

– you didn’t tell them the whole truth about yourself, other drivers or any modifications on cars.

This list can go on much longer than here. Any of the above can be a legitimate reason for denial.

Your first step would be to find out the exact reason why you are being turned down. This will allow you to check the relevant sections of your policy and see if you have any grounds for appeal. Then you will need to make a strong case and ask the company to have a look at the claim again. The appeal process would be clearly explained in your policy or they would have send information about it when they send the denial letter.

Ideally, you want the appeal process move quickly. If the appeal process bear fruit and company agrees to pay your claim it would be great and end of the matter. They may come back and agree to pay a partial settlement but you may have to accept it as full settlement and agree not to pursue the issue anymore.

In some cases you may be allowed to go for arbitration. In that case, a third party would look at the claim, listen to the arguments raised by you and the insurer and make a decision. It is likely that decision made by the arbitrator would be final. You have to check and understand that you may be giving up your right to sue the company by accepting arbitration route.

Perhaps you may want to pursue your claim in the courts and you need a legal advice on that. Keep in mind that taking your insurer to court can be a costly process. You shouldn’t start the process without getting quotes from lawyers. In some cases, lawyers may agree working on the bases on no win no fee. They have to believe that they can win the case if they will go this route. You need to discuss your options with a lawyer.

How Does Automobile Insurance Claim Process Work?

Motorists wouldn’t normally think that accidents could happen to them. It is a defence mechanism that kicks in automatically. Hopefully it will not happen to you but you should be prepared just in case. It is nice to find the cheapest car insurance rates. However, you should look to find good coverage and reliable insurers as well.

It is best to look at the claim process step by step to make it easier and not to miss anything in between. Getting things right from the start and along the way reduces pressure and need to come up with more information at a later stage. Normally this procedure starts the moment you discovered an insured auto loss.

When you realize that you suffered a loss or get involved in an accident, the first thing you will need to decide is to make a claim or not. This may be strage but not every incident ends up with a claim. Quite a few people don’t like to deal with vehicle insurers and go through the paperwork. Furthermore, they are worried that their automobile insurance rates will go up at the next renewal.

vehicle accidentsWhen there are injuries you should call the police to make sure everything is documented properly. Regardless of who is injured this should be done to reduce conflicting accounts of the crash. Then you should call your carrier to let them know what has happened.

Once everybody has been moved to safety and injuries have ben dealt with you should start exchanging information with other drivers and take down the details of witnesses. Collect any information or take pictures that can shed a light as to how this all came about.

Determining fault after crashes is an important task that will conclude who is reponsible for the incident and payment of damages. In states where fault is considered, there can be significant difference in your renewal premium depending on you being responsible and having no fault. This is different in no-fault state where there is no presumption of fault and each party claims from their own insurer.

You may be able to file the claim over the telephone with an agent. Depending on the size of the damages and injuries it may be crucial to get your insurer involved almost immediately. In addition there are time limits for making claims.

Inform your carrier whether or not you are responsible. If you believe you are not responsible, you must also inform the third party carrier of your intention to file claims with them. Getting compensation out of a third party insurer can take longer and you want your insurer to be watching the situation just in case you turn back and ask them compensate.

Sooner or later the insurer of at fault driver should pay for the damages and injuries. Your insurer may have to pay for it initially so that the repairs are carried out in a timely manner. Your current provider will then try to subrogate the money they paid out of responsible party carrier.

Normally day to day handling will be done by a claims adjuster and you will need to contact them at some point or they contact you. It is the adjuster who checks the loss, arrange the estimates and agree with repairs. Once they determine what should be done they pass the file over to the insurer for payment. You may be paid directly mines deductibles or the body repair shop receives the payment and you pay them the deductibles.

When you are looking for cheap auto insurance rates you should check cheapautoinsurance. You may overlook a few things like how efficient companies are handling claims and would they make it harder for you to get money out of them. You need to check if a company you are considering to be insured with has a good customer satisfaction rating. It is important that claims are handled fairly and efficiently.

Having to go over the whole process of filing a claim, may make you look at vehicle insurance companies in a different light next time you need an auto policy. Motorists should take a moment and think what they would expect from their providers in these situations and see if the company chosen will be able to offer these services.

Public Liability Insurance for Businesses

Today there is a big industry run by lawyers on the side of insurance companies. Injury claims are very common place and there are many lawyers who love to see it grow even bigger. Your business can be sued for right or wrong reasons. The claims can be questionable, total suspect or bordering reasons. It could come from your employees, customers or just some who happened to pass your front door once.

The thing is that you have no idea how to handle them at all. You have no expertise and knowledge. You probably don’t even have a clue where to start and to respond to them or not. What are you going to do, hand them over some money and hope that it is the end of it? They will come with lawyers and threatening letters from them. It is more than likely that you will get scared and start having nightmares.

Besides you have business to run and most small business owners are the main workers in their enterprise as well. They work twice harder and longer than everyone else. They have no time for dealing with claims of any sort. Taking time off your business to devote into responding to these letters and claims may result in troubles for your business.

Then, how are you going to handle the money side of things? Are you going to employ a lawyer or respond to them on your own. Don’t you think you will open up yourself to further questioning and issues if you were to respond to the letters yourself? Is at all possible that your business will go down if you were to pay them? It may be a simple slip and fall but it opens up all sorts of worm cans for you and you are more than likely not equipped to deal with them.

If you have never thought of buying liabilities policies for your business now is a good time. If you had a policy in the above scenario all you would have done is to pass the complaints and letters to your insurers and they would take care of it from there onward. They would look at the claims, negotiate a settlement or fight them in the courts. Whatever happens it will be taken out of your hand.

Besides it may a legal requirement to have these policies in place particularly when you are have employees. You cannot have employees and no liabilities insurance or health and safety procedures in place. This is all pretty funny in many ways. You may employ a professional to work with you in your business. They may know a lot more about health and safety and how to operate the machinery in your business and so on. However, when something happens they will be the poor employees and you would be the cruel employer who hasn’t trained this poor guy properly.

Go and fight it out. There is no chance of winning if you didn’t have the right insurance coverage and proper procedures and notices in place.

How Non US Citizens Can Get Low Car Insurance Quotes

There are millions of people coming the USA to work or live. Whatever your intentions when you arrive to the country you have no records to present to auto insurers. But this may not actually be true if you have been driving for years in your own country. However, you need to present your past driving history in a way that is acceptable to the US insurers. They are not going to just take your word for it.

One of the first steps is to make sure that you plan ahead well before departing to America. You must make sure that your driving license valid for international driving. If you are from one of the European Union countries your license would be already for international driving. However, many other countries will have to issue another license known as international driving license. These are normally valid for one year. After this time you either need to switch it to a US license or take a driving license test in the US. It is difficult to get international driving licenses once you are in the US. If need be, you will need to contact your own embassy and find out about the procedure.

Secondly, you need to get copies of your past insurance and driving history. If they are in English it is great but you will have to get them translated if not. Many companies will accept proof of your driving history and record from your home country. However, they need to be presented in the form acceptable to them. Otherwise, you will be charged the rates for a new driver and this can be very expensive for you.

driving in the USA good place to start your searches for an auto insurance policy is to ask people you know. If you are sent by a company you can ask if they will provide you with a vehicle and if it will be insured. This would solve all your problems if the company you work for arranged all that for you. Alternatively, they may be able to point you in the right direction. It may be a broker who is experienced in dealing with people just like you. It is very important that you approach the right company and agent. Otherwise you will be spending hours explaining yourself to someone who cannot help you anyway.

You need to consider your needs carefully. If you are coming from Canada and only going to stay few months your Canadian policy may be helpful and cover this period. You need to check what you have got first. Also, you may not worry about it much if it is only for a short period of time and if you are going to rent a car instead of buying.

When you buy a car or bring your own from wherever you were coming from you need to register it in the state you will be living. And you probably will need insurance before you can do that. Perhaps you should start with a little research and then attempt to get an affordable policy.

What Changes on Cars Can Raise your Insurance Rates?

Most of us would be happy to just buy a few extra customization from the manufacturer when we are buying automobiles and live with it. However, you may want a lot more to your auto and that may require a little planning ahead. Some of the changes you make can be making considerable alterations to the vehicle. The car may even be required to pay test for road-worthiness.

Another issue you will need to take into account is how your auto insurer will view these modifications. There is a high chance they will increase your premium. In some cases the increase could be too much for you that you may need to consider switching insurers. It is best to check these things beforehand so that you know exactly where you are. Here are some of the changes that will increase your auto insurance rates.

auto alterations & insuranceBigger Engine

Wanting to put a bigger engine in your vehicle is a sign that you love power under the bonnet. This immediately raises alarms and your rates are going to get hit by it. Actually, if you bought another model with the engine size similar to the one you want to install now you would have paid higher premium anyway. If you think like this you can understand the premium changes and accept them. The larger engine generally results in higher costs of insuring the vehicle. There is really no surprise there. But it could be a totally different story in you want to install something much more powerful that you see on the streets.

Custom Paint and Detailing

Getting your auto painted to the design you have and detailing are expensive jobs. Before your carrier says anything you want to get insured properly. It is an investment you are making and you want your money back if something happens to your car. If you don’t tell about it to your carrier they will assume that your auto has the standard paint and other fixings as it came out of the factory. So they will only pay you enough money to buy a similar standard design automobile. They will not consider the cost of getting it re-painted again as your insured car was.

Custom Edges and Wheels

Again, you want your insurer know about any investments made on the car so that they can pay you more money if it is totaled. You don’t need to know a lot about insurance to understand that will mean higher premiums. So, it may not be a big problem in terms of insuring it as long as you accept the increased costs.

Also, new wheels and adjustments may make your vehicle a higher-performance and this could further increase cost of premiums. When you can drive and speed up faster your car will become higher risk in comparison to a standard one. This will have to be reflected on insurance prices.

Furthermore, these changes are indications that you are looking for a faster automobile and that may mean only one thing; you want to drive faster. Changes in driver attitudes can be taken into account when calculating the quotes.

Online Car Insurance Quotes Have Big Advantages

Getting auto insurance quotes online is not new anymore. People have been taking advantage of these platforms for years and a few people would never renew or buy a policy until they look at all their options. It is your time and you can go through as many carriers as you want until you are fully satisfied that you have found an ideal policy for yourself.

They are available 24/7 and don’t take long to complete. You can get quotes directly from the insurers, through broker websites or third party comparison sites. Most of them are designed to offer you instant quotes. There is no waiting and you will see the results once you fill the form and submit it. It is a pretty straight forward task that can be carried out by most motorists.

online auto insurance

In the early years companies offered extra discounts for buying your policy online. As it is getting more and more common place the discounts are not as large anymore. However, there are still savings to be made by purchasing a policy through the internet. Some companies are exclusively working online and you need to get your quotes there if you want to be insured with them.

However, most people may be using the quote platforms as a means of checking prices. You can just find out how much is your premiums going to be for a new car you are planning to buy, if you add another driver to your policy or if you move to a new zip code. Many people may not realize but this is one of the best benefits of the internet quotations. It is quick and can answer your questions in the form of monetary amount. You probably know that your rates are going to go up if you add a teen driver to the policy but you want to know how much.

In the same way, you may want to check if your broker is doing a good job for you. If you have any suspicion that you are being offered the higher premium policy so that they can make bigger commission, you can clear this out by getting your own quotations. Actually, you can be your own broker if you know enough about the policies. You practically have everything that a broker has. You can get prices, compare them with each other and learn more about each coverage and insurer on the web. This way, you would be well equipped to make your own decisions.

Also, it is not an uncommon practice to locate a competitive insurer through online quotes and choose the work with the local agent on that firm. Alternatively, you can call them and go through the process again with an agent asking questions all along to make sure you are buying the right coverage.

The bottom line is that you have a lot more options now and getting prices from various companies is made easier. You can utilize this information anyway you like. Plus you are working in the comfort of your own home and nobody pressurize you.

How Vehicle Insurance Companies Make Money

There are hundreds of companies and new ones are coming everyday. So, you wonder how do they make money an if it is a profitable business. It is a type of business that has entry requirements. And they have to follow these requirements in every state they want to sell policies. You cannot just start a firm and sell policies of any kind. You have to submit an application to state authorities and show them that you have found and comply with other requirements as well.

It is a business of assessing risk and pricing it correctly. The problem is that they can only rely on the past information when they are setting their rates. They have no idea what can happen in the next six months to a year. We may have a very bad weather and claims may surge. This does happen at times and companies have to accept the losses.

However, there are provisions in the policies that protects companies from going under in one bad year. For example, they may be able to refuse to pay claims when it is determined a catastrophic events and act of God instead of an insurable event. For example, they exclude a few large disasters in particular in the areas they are commonly seen. As an example, policies in California may exclude earthquake as the state is known to be sitting on an earthquake zone. Otherwise, one big quake will be enough to run a few companies down to the ground.

They also exclude civil unrest and war. Terrorism may be excluded from many policies as well and this is brought in after 9/11. Companies are excluding terrorism where possible to avoid any risks of paying large sums in cases of big terrorist attacks.

They still need to employ many clever statistician, mathematicians and programmers to calculate their premiums correctly. They need to be able to charge enough to their policyholders that they will still make money after paying all the claims and their running costs. As they are not alone in the market place this may be tougher than it looks. That is why they may use smart strategies. One of the common strategy is that they can be very competitive when a good driver is concerned. When they see that the risk of insuring a vehicle is low based on driver history they can cut their prices a lot.

On the other hand, they may not want to put their hands under a stone by insuring a risky driver. They make sure that large premiums are paid before they can insure these people. That is why you won’t find many companies that are keen to insure you when you have a few claims already.

The recent reports suggest that insurance business is not as profitable as people may think. Many large companies are declaring losses on their insurance operations. However, large premium collections allow them to make money on these funds. They collect the premium at the start and they can use this money until it is require to pay a claim. This is another source of income for them.

Reputation for Body Shops & Mechanics

Even you have the best auto insurance coverage it is not a pleasant experience to have your auto fixed after an accident. When your insurer is on your side and offers every help and support in the process you may be more at ease. However, some companies may be the cause of the problems in terms of shady repairs. If the carrier puts pressure on the body shop to carry out the repairs as cheaply as possible they will have to cut corners.

These problems may become serious when your policy allows the companies to use aftermarket parts to repair your car. This means that your car will not be fitted by parts that are produced by the original auto manufacturer but similar parts may be sourced from other providers. When you open this can of worms you wouldn’t know where they will stop in sourcing these parts. Would they really care that the parts are as good as original or would they even care that they are exact match.

When you don’t have the full confidence that your insurer will make sure quality work carried out on your vehicle you may want to look at your options. You may want to choose your own body repair shop so that you can dictate how your automobile is fixed. Under normal conditions you may be alright with this option.

MechanicHowever, at times claims adjusters can get strict with you. You will be required to submit them work estimates from the garages you intend to use. If their estimates are much higher than the estimates offered by firms working with the insurer you start running into problems. Some insurers may offer to pay you a sum they think it is the fair cost of fixing your auto. Then, you are free to where you want to take the vehicle for repairs. The only catch is that you may have to pay the difference between the estimates offered by your choice of garage and what is paid as a claim settlement.

In any case, you can start with going down the list of mechanics suggested to you by the claims adjuster. You may find that one or two of those companies are reputable enough for you and give a go ahead. This would be the simplest solution for you. The work would be done by the garage and checked by claims adjuster and the company would pay the bill at  the end.

If you already know a reliable mechanic or have been suggested by friends and family you may decide to go with them. Otherwise, you can carry on your searches and find a company you want to work with. These can range from small one shop firms to a national network of body shops. Whichever direction you want to go you can check their credibility. You may even be able to see the work they have done and talk to their recent customers. Most companies that are confident with their standards would be happy to provide those details for you to check.

Have a Good Insurance Plan when Traveling

Planning travels abroad require carefully sorting out the essential things you will need. If you are going to take your automobile the first thing you can do is to get it checked and tested thoroughly. These days mechanics have machines that can check every part of your vehicle for any irregularities and find out the exact problem.

Taking a road trip in another country is a totally different experience in many ways. Most policies are well equipped to deal with travels around the USA with your automobile. The policy you bought in your home state will cover the travels in other states. You may be alright to carry the same policy in Canada and other neighboring countries but you will need a new policy in Mexico to cover your travels in this country.

planing a road tripWhen you are buying your policy you need to tell the insurer that you intend to take your vehicle abroad. Some policies may have a very limited cover outside the country while few may not have any coverage at all. You should be looking for policies that offers you flexible and long enough foreign driving coverage. You can find those policies that can cover you up to six months of travels abroad. Then you will have to check if your policy is acceptable in the countries you visit. This way you would cover any damages and liabilities that may arise from you driving and having an accident abroad.

The next thing you should look at is what would happen if you were to have a breakdown. Is there possibilities of getting breakdown coverage abroad? This may be possible in several ways. An American breakdown service provider may be working with other providers in other countries. Or you may need to buy a new breakdown coverage.

This can be very helpful as these covers are usually not so expensive. The cost of dealing with breakdowns in a foreign country can be substantial and you don’t want to be start looking for them when you have an accident. Also, you may have a language barrier as well.

Next step is to buy a travel insurance for yourself. This would be the best way of dealing with injuries and illnesses to you and your travel companions. These policies may have various levels of protection. Even you buy a superior package it should cost you a lot of money. Most people come back home from their travels without any hitches. Therefore, travel policies are usually sold quite cheap.

You can get quick quotes online either only for yourself or for everybody in your party. It may be wise to insist that everyone in your party should be insured properly. You may ask why would it be your problem. But it would be when the worst happens. Are you going to abandon them in a strange place if they don’t have money for hospital and to come back home?

A good preparation can help you a lot. Also remember that it is much easier to prepare when you are at your home and speak the language.

Advancement of the Web & Auto Insurance Sites

Everyday there is a new gadget, handheld device and internet package for all of them. You can travel the country in your RV and you never lose internet connection these days. You can have it connected through your cell phone, have an on the go package for all of your devices and you can use it whenever you stop at the restaurants and rest stops or in caravan sites.

If you prefer you can have a new life and source of income on the web thanks to new advancements and widely acceptability of online products and services. The world is coming together on this medium and you will be a freak if you don’t follow it. There may be a time that most products are only available on the internet and they only depots to send the deliveries instead of the shops and stores.

There are actually large insurance outfits that only exist online. You cannot find their products anywhere else but on the net. And you will have to submit your claims online as well. You have an account and you manage your coverage totally. You can make the changes, adjustments, change your address or work details by signing into your account.

Alongside there are many intermediary and supporting websites as well. You can find blogs, forums and professional websites of other service providers like agents, brokers, injury lawyers and loss adjusters. Some offer great advises and others may be just letting off steam about an unjust they believe they were subject to. So, whatever you are looking for you will find a source out there. There are billions of websites now on thousands of different topics.

online car insuranceOne of the most useful ones for motorists is the auto insurance comparison websites. They are generally run by third party entities to offer you the price comparison among all the companies in your state. They are pretty straight forward and you may not even need to fill in your full details to see the prices. They are not there to get you covered but show you where you can get covered.

Once you figure out which companies are offering great quotes you may move onto their official websites to get a firm quote. Then, you will need to fill all your details for a quote that you can act on. You will probably need all your details and number handy. This will make the process much faster and allow you to get a few quotations in no time. Isn’t it great that you will fill a few particulars and answer some questions and they will spit out numbers for you?

You are well advised to find out the coverage on offer in each case. Even though you may have provided the same details to every company you applied to (and you should have) there still will be variations in the coverage offered. Some companies will have much comprehensive policy packages than the others. So, you may have the same price but manage to get much more attractive protection that can make it easier for you to make selection.